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Internet Marketing

Strategies and implementation including SEO, social media marketing, PPC (pay-per-click), email marketing and affiliate marketing.

Strategic Planing

long-term goals and the action plans you'll use to reach them.


The most effective advertising placements on our client's behalf, across a variety of publishers' inventory, specific to where our clients' customers consume content.

Media Relations

Media, influencer, partnerships and promotions services.

Public Relations

producing presentations and press releases. dealing with enquiries from the public, the press, and related organisations

PR events and executions

organising and attending promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions.

Social media management and content creation

scheduling, community management and weekly insight reporting.

Influencer outreach and campaigns

we engage with our extensive database of talent and work closely with you for end-to-end campaigns

The LIT difference

LIT Agency offers effective marketing consulting and planning services. With over 17+ years experience working with new and existing businesses, our team focuses on providing consulting for any size budget.

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Diane Markovski

Who we are

Diane Markovski the founder of Lit Agency has a wealth of experience working with an array of media publishers and brands to deliver innovative solutions and proven ROI for clients. With over 17 years’ experience, spanning agency and client within the advertising and marketing arena has afforded her a unique depth of understanding and skill set. 

Diane’s career expanded and has encompassed some of Australia’s leading media companies. With the changing media landscape, Diane has always had a passion for digital activity and was at the forefront of changing consumer behaviour to start including building and interacting with social media audiences.

Diane’s vast publisher experience allows her to understand the inner workings of key media players and be able to develop marketing strategies for clients to include social and digital and PR activity within the broad activation planning so that the consumer experience is integrated and built to deliver results. This experience laid the foundation and allowed her to grow and her own agency over the past decade and achieve success for her clients. 

The next iteration of Diane’s unique offering is now here, Lit Agency. A refreshed look and approach, to deliver results in this ever-changing landscape.

Our Partner

FULL Circle IT

We’re passionate about helping your brand or business achieve your website goals by building websites that achieve results. Whether it’s a new website, a redevelopment, we partner with FULL Circle IT to build high quality web solutions that are user friendly, reliable, and scalable.
From strategy to deployment and ongoing support, all our website development services are managed by the team at Lit Agency and FULL Circle IT.


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